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At the present moment, wireless mobile connection is considered to be the most extensively applied in South Africa and all over the world. In this respect, mobile network providers always strive to modify and improve the quality of mobile network coverage, but still, according to statistic data, some mobile users face certain mobile connection problems. One of the major reasons of such problems is weak mobile signal perception. Today’s most optimal way to elevate mobile signal quality is by applying a cell phone signal booster.  The cell phone signal booster (or as it also called a network booster) is a device, which was directly designed to amplify current mobile signal perception and distribute mobile network coverage into areas that receive poor services.  The network booster was firstly developed in America, but because of its effectiveness in improving the quality of mobile connection, nowadays these devices are widely spread in ZA and other parts of the world. For further information on that case you can click here .

   Today in South Africa 3g networks are the most largely used, that is why, a 3g mobile booster is in high demand among mobile users across the country.  3g network represents the third generation of wireless mobile telecommunication technology. 3G telecommunication networks support services which provide information transfer rate starting from 200 kbit\s. 3G signal booster was specifically designed for amplifying 3G network signals. 3G networks have a priority over 2G ones, as they provide faster data transfer rates. In addition, 3g networks are the first to enable video calls. In this respect, they are especially suitable for applying in smartphones that require high-speed internet connection for many applications. Despite the fact that all leading mobile network suppliers apply the most modern and innovative technology to provide their customers with perfect 3g coverage, several mobile connection problems cannot be fully excluded. However, don’t consider that poor mobile signal perception is general disadvantage of a certain mobile network. In most cases, there are a number of certain factors, which are beyond the regulation of mobile network operator. One of the major factors that influence mobile network signal in ZA is placement of cellular towers. Generally, the signal is provided by through a network of cell towers. However, due to certain geographical and technical aspect, these towers can be placed within certain locations. Because of this situation, sometimes there is a large distance between two neighboring towers, this situation may influence the quality of your mobile signal. Weak mobile signal, in its turn, may result in such unpleasant problems as dropped calls, temporary loss of the signal, signal interferences and many others. By using a 3g cell phone signal booster, such problems can be optimally solved. Mobile signal connection is also not very reliable in many rural areas in South Africa, as in most cases the housing density is too low to create a new base station commercially viable.  In such cases it is not likely that the mobile service provider will do something to improve the quality of reception, because erecting a new tower is very expensive. In such situation the usage of a 3g signal booster will significantly increase signal strength, even with a large distance from the broadcast towers. In some cases, building size and building construction material may also attenuate 3g network mobile signal strength. Certain construction materials may significantly decrease cell phone signal strength. For instance, lead is frequent metal for using as roofing material, however, it is possible that lead may, to some extent, decrease mobile signal strength. In addition, some solid foam insulation and some fiberglass insulation utilized in roofs or exterior walls have foil backing, which is able to decrease transmittance. The extensive usage of energy efficient products such as radiant barriers and window tinting may also contribute to 3g mobile network problems. The 3g cell phone signal booster is also useful while it comes to mobile internet connection. In order to use mobile internet comfortably, we need to ensure that our mobile devices have a reliable 3g connection. However, a number of customers South Africa assert that they mobile devices are not able to maintain strong sustainable 3g internet connection due to weak network connection. The power of our 3g connection caries by the strength of the network, so those with a poor network perception will be also exposed to sporadic mobile internet. Fortunately, there is the option of a 3g signal booster to solve this problem.        One more factor that can affect 3g mobile network is obstructions causing signal interference.  Mobile signal overcomes the air resistance with minimal troubles. However, with any object it passes between the cell tower and your mobile device may cause some degree of interference. Such geographical objects as mountains, hills and trees may negatively influence you mobile signal perception. Some weather conditions as fast wind and strong fog also have certain impact of 3g mobile network connection 

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