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Advantages of using Optus Signal Boosters throughout Australia

Year by year more and more customers rely on the communication maintenance and data access provided by their own mobile phones. Here is why mobile phone users get highly disappointed when they experience a difficulty when dealing with mobile signals.

The problem of weak or no signal may highly influences the lifestyle of an average modern person as,

  • In case of weak signal you mobile phone may cease receiving calls and people will find it impossible to contact you
  • You may experience call drops and/or poor quality calls which can be expressed by the poor quality of voice or inability to hear what the person at the other end says, etc.
  • Your phone will lose much more power while continuously trying to adapt the strength the signal, as a result more frequent charging will be required. In short term perspectives, this may cause inconveniences when you are away without your mobile charger, while in long term perspectives, this will make the battery life shorter.
  • Mobile data frequently drops or hangs and works much slower, unnerving the user.

In order to avoid all the listed and other difficulties, mobile phone users may simply buy a cell phone signal booster which will give them the chance to get signal even when the other users experience outrages.

Sometimes, mobile network providers care about this matter on their own by giving the users special devices to make a connection between your mobile phone and the broadband, so that mobile calls with a normal quality become possible. Otherwise, you can choose a third party device, the so called boosters or repeaters which pick up and gather the stronger signals outside and provide for indoor use.

It should be noted that the use of such devices may be considered out of law in some countries, including Australia, as they are said to have negative impact on power stations of the operators.

Still, if you have make up your mind to use a mobile phone booster for your Optus signal, you should consider a number of factors that you desire your booster had, before picking up one. So, don't forget to find out the answers to the following questions for you before buying a device:

  • How strong is the outside signal, whether it is strong medium or weak?
  • For what network do you need the device for, weather it is 2G, 3G, 4G or LTE
  • How much area do you want your booster to cover?
  • What type and length of cables are needed?

In order to make your work easier we have prepared a short list of the best Optus signal boosters in Australia. Following the idea of providing useful information to our reader, we have compared and summarized the view points and reviews of different experts and users in order to minimize your searches into one place and efforts to minimum.

Here we adduce useful but brief information about best some Optus mobile phone signal boosters that are used in Australia.

Cel-Fi RS2 for OPTUS.

The first device that deserves consideration is Cel-Fi RS2 for OPTUS.

This is one of the few boosters that has been tested and authorized by Optus, due to the fact that while operating it does not interfere with other cell phone networks and users.

There are two popular models of the device Cel-Fi RS2 for OPTUS 3G - 900/2100MHz and Cel-Fi pro for OPTUS 3g & 4g.

This former is designed for 3G mobile signal and is able to provide a coverage area for up to 1200 square meters. It may support and improve the quality 25 voice calls an 8 data devices at the same time. While the second amplifies and disburse 3G/HSPA and selected 4G (LTE) mobile signals In addition to the above mentioned impressive features it should be added that the setup of the devices is quite easy and stress free, and can be done within some five minutes.

One thing that should be considered is the fact that the device is location locked. This means that once you turn the device on it will lock to the nearest tower within 32 hours and stay connected.

A warranty of 24 month is given along with the device.

The fact that the quality of this device is really compatible can be proved by the fact that overwhelming majority of the reviews of the buyers are positive; many of them insist that the device has brought an end to their endless struggle for stronger signals, helping them to reach better Optus reception in AU.



As the world currently goes to the terrain of 4G frequency, we find it important to introduce you this model which is designed for it.

Due to the use of this device one can boost the 4G frequency on the phones with according capacity. These boosters improve both the performance of voice and data. One of the advantages of this device lies in the fact that it can serve not only as Optus mobile signal booster, but can also operate for other mobile service providers operating in Australia.

The device is certified and therefore can be applied both for open plan areas and for improving indoor coverage. In order to install the device you need to set up its external antenna, then install amplifier indoors, in the area where the signal coverage needs to be boosted, attach the supplied indoor antenna, run the cable between the two parts powering the amplifier and finally rotate the antenna as much as needed for achieving best possible signal. In spite of the fact that it is quite easy to install, the technical support is covered by the Australian office for 100 % free of charge.

The device is capable of covering for about 250 sq. m, offers and interference protection and has 1800 MHz range.

This model is ideal for home or small office use, while we will not recommend for larger areas.

Last but not least, the device has a warranty of one year.



70dB 850 MHz Cell Phone Signal Booster 3G Mobile Repeater Wireless with Antennas by Phonetone.
This is a light weight, small sized device that has a range of from 800 to 850 MHz range and 70 dB. The equipment includes everything needed for a mobile phone signal coverage-including both indoor and outdoor antennas. The device produces low noise while working which is usually under 6.0 dB. This device, like the former one is compatible both for boosting Optus reception signal in AU and that of other local providers.

The reviews of the users of this device are mainly positive, except for some occasional cases.

So, we see that even an operator as respected as Optus often needs external devices to make the connection even better.

It is true that the mobile signal boosters which can be applied for Optus network are not that cheap, but one thing is certain - in case you choose one that best meets your needs you will never regret for your expenses!

Many Australians have bought booster to give up the endless problems with their network operators. Maybe it is your turn?

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